Brock Lesnar Retiring

Brock Lesnar has been a popular name in the world of fighting. He had it big in WWE, being one of the biggest fighters on the show and winning multiple titles. He is considered a superstar when it comes to fan and a huge fan platform. The massive heavyweight fighter joined MMA and quickly made his way up the ranks, thanks to the incredible power and fighting skills. Many were anticipating that Daniel Cornier would be defending the heavyweight title against Brock at UFC 241, but it was never set up.

Now, we see Stipe Moicic take on Daniel, which is sure to be an exciting fight as Stipe was the one Daniel to the belt from in the first place. Many found themselves disappointed that Brock won’t be taking part and now we finally know why. Just last week, we found out that Brock would be retiring. The news came from Dana White, the UFC boss, which said Brock told him that he is done and will be retiring.

Dana While added that things could change quickly, especially with combat sports such as MMA. However, if he doesn’t, Dana would understand why. There are loads of apparent risks and even those that aren’t as obvious. Therefore, it might just make sense that Brock is quitting while he is ahead and still in good shape.

Part of the motivation might be the suspension back in 2016 when Brock was no longer allowed to compete after testing positive for doping. The US Anti-Doping Association suspended him not long after the fight at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt. The suspension only lifted in January, taking Brock out of the UFC world for longer than he’d like to be. He was however allowed to attend events in WWE as well as Summer-slam 2 months after being suspended.

With so much time out of the octagon, it is sure to have its toll on his skills and fighting abilities. Even though he has still been taking part in WWE, these two sports have significant differences when it comes to fighting styles and what you can do. Furthermore, Brock might also be worried about another possible dirty test, which would shatter the last of his reputation. The fighter is still well respected, and fans remain behind him, but why add salt to the wound.

Brock has to look at what he would need to do to take on one of the biggest and most well-known fighters in MMA. His part-time appearance with WWE hasn’t been enough to keep him in the tip-top shape he needs for MMA. Besides that, he would need to train hard for at least six weeks even to consider taking on someone like Daniel who has been training hard as he is currently the title holder.


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