Bryan Caraway Requests Funeral Donations

Fighters in the UFC Community have begun feeling the adverse effects of COVID-19. Unnamed opponents have contracted the virus, with others having family members die from this pandemic. Bryan Caraway is the 1st UFC Fighter to acknowledge that his mother died from COVID-19 publicly. This was a forced decision with Bryan requiring funds to pay for her funeral.

Bryan Caraway has competed professionally in the Ultimate Fighters Championship ten times. The veteran is loved by thousands worldwide, with Caraway hoping that love will transcend towards his mother. Bryan would’ve preferred to pay for this funeral under his terms, with that not being possible being of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Financial earnings for Bryan Caraway have depleted to the minimum, meaning that the assistance of his fans is required. $12,000.00 is the supreme goal looking to be reached by Bryan, with $4K having already been achieved.

Bryan Caraways Formal Goodbye

This veteran competitor knew fans would grow concerned for mental burdens & respective financial impact. It prompted him to make a formal statement regarding this situation. He revealed that his mother died earlier this week, with most funeral homes unable to take her to become of overconsumption. Bryan didn’t expect funerals to cost the substantial figure of $12,000.00. Caraway claimed that funeral homes in America are taking advantage of COVID-19 and increasing their respective rates.

Sentiments than moved towards his mother, where it was remarked that she meant the world to Bryan. Caraway revealed that his mom had a heart of gold, protecting anyone that needed it. He mentioned that dozens called her mother and that everyone will come together to ensure she receives a proper burial. He then thanked his mother for everything she did for him & for all the memories that won’t ever be forgotten. It should be mentioned that Bryan Caraway’s mother was the sole caretaker of her Disabled Husband & Handicapped Grandchild.

UFC Analysts now speculate that Bryan Caraway will do everything possible to return to the Octagon, hoping to earn higher contracts that could support his grandfather and nephew. Caraway is 35 now, meaning defeating any opponent will be a hard challenge to overcome.


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