Dan Hardy Angered by Herb Dean

The legendary status of Herb Dean in the UFC octagon is beginning to diminish. Supporters of Mixed Martial Arts have found that their head referee has made inconsistent & incorrect calls over recent weeks. Sentiments amongst the UFC community were kept private for the respect of Herb Dean. However, accumulated anger was exposed at “UFC Fight Night on ESPN”. Francisco Trinaldo and Jai Herbert competed July 24th, which would see Herbert mercilessly knocked to the ground by his opponent.

Video evidence indicates that Jai Herbert wasn’t in the position to fight any longer, meaning Herb Dean should’ve called the fight for protection purposes. The opposite occurred & Trinaldo was forced to continue beating down Jai Herbert. Video evidence noted that Francisco stopped himself for five seconds, waiting for Dean to terminate this bout. After Herb Dean didn’t move & made a movement for the fight to resume, other several blows were landed into the face of Jai Herbert.

Once the fight was called, the Ultimate Fighters Championship Broadcast Team didn’t hesitate to move forward on Herb Dean. Violent threats were uttered towards Dean by Dan Hardy and Paul Felder. Photographs from their altercation show the former UFC Title Challenger Dan Hardy throws his fists towards Herb Dean.

Paul Felder released a formal statement on the situation that unfolded between Herb Dean, Francisco Trinaldo, and Jai Herbert. Paul complimented Trinaldo for not immediately attacking his opponent & recognizing the signs of a defeated man. Paul Felder emphasized his anger towards the fact that Herb Dean hadn’t called the fight, even after screams from both training camps were informing the referee to stop this bout before permanent damage occurred.

Hardy’s Statements

Dan Hardy provided a formal statement to UFC Fans & Herb Dean. He indicated that whenever a broadcaster makes a mistake, it comes off foolish. But that whenever a referee makes a mistake, fighters are at risk of losing their lives or facing severe injuries. Dan Hardy indicated that those in the Octagon are family and that he’ll be unforgiving of Herb Dean. He suggested that the head referee remember that fighters want to return home to loved ones.


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