Jon Jones Revoking Championship Belt

The discussions between Jon Jones & Dana White haven’t turned positive after the Light Heavyweight Champion approached the matter over Twitter. It’s now reached a boiling point, with Jon Jones publicly admitting that he’ll be giving up his championship belt. This follows after Dana White has refused to provide Jones with equal pay to fighters below him, such as Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov. During a time where racism has reached another boiling point in the United States, some are claiming that Jones won’t stand by Dana White’s ignorant personality.

It should be mentioned that Dana White has become considerably more vocal with his anger since becoming best buddies with Donald Trump. The President of America is inherently racist, meaning it’d make perfect sense that White has potentially followed suit. No public remarks of racism have been issued by Dana White, leaving this purely to speculation amongst UFC Inside Sources.

Hundreds believe the actions of Jon Jones are destroying his career. Responses from the UFC Light-Heavyweight Championship indicated that his body is physically destroyed every time it enters the octagon. The associated payment that Dana White wants to provide Jones for this physical destruction isn’t worth it.

Details on Salary

The UFC President has typically ignored Jon Jones above his other competitors, even with the Champion ranked #1 in the UFC. Whenever fighters like Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov got into public trouble, White would defend their actions immediately. Whenever similar activities followed with Jon Jones, Dana would throw him under the bus. Jones catered to this biased behaviour for years & inevitably reached a breaking point after learning Donald Cerrone was paid more to lose against McGregor than he standardly is after winning a fight.

It should be mentioned that Conor McGregor earns an average for $50 to $100 Million per appearance with the Ultimate Fighters Championship. Jon Jones as the statistically highest-rated fighter in the UFC was requested $30 Million for compensation. The fact that Dana White was trying to lower than pay more than half is blatantly ignorant. Those believing the UFC President are most likely incorrect, with White often turning against fighters without any notice.


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