MMA Lightweight Fights

As we get closer to the end of the suspension for the Khabib, we see substantial fighting opportunities around every possible corner in the lightweight division. If you were following MMA last year, you’d remember the fight in October that has both Khabib and McGregor suspended for their part in what turned into chaos as both fighters jumped to the crowd and started matches with the opposite teammates.

Now, both Khabib and McGregor are set to return as their suspension terms are coming to an end. For McGregor, it seems to be a bit tough to find suitable fighters, especially if he is interested in taking on the title holders. Khabib’s manager already said he isn’t fit to fight against Khabib and would need to prove himself against other interested title fighters such as Donald Cerrone and Tony Ferguson. However, even if Conor wants those fights, he might need to wait a lot longer than he thought as those fighters are already lined up for fights to see who would get a shot at the title.

Current Lined Up Fights

The biggest event revolving around the title would involve the two current title holders. This includes Khabib who won the title by defeating Conor McGregor in October of 2018. However, since they were both suspended after the fight, the UFC set the title for an interim fight between Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier. Poirier won the fight and is, therefore, the current interim lightweight champion. This means he has secured his place as the fight fighter to take on Khabib when he returns to the Octagon later this year.

Before any other interested title fighters get to step into the octagon to take the title, we have seen to see who wins between Dustin and Khabib. However, this doesn’t mean the UFC cannot begin to set up fights and see who is worthy of taking on the title. The first tight between interested fighters have recently been announced, including Tony Ferguson vs Donald Cerrone. Both these fighters are at the top and itching to finally get their shot at the lightweight title. Well, it would now depend on the UFC 238 when we get to see who wins between them.

We suspect the winner would be closer to getting a shot at the title but might need to go through a few others to get there. This could include McGregor, Holloway and many others. However, we expect the UFC would instead create additional fighting events for other possible fighters to take on the winner between Donald and Tony. It’s unclear if McGregor would have a real shot at the title this year as he might not get to all the required fights as there are many fighters interested in the title. However, Dana White is currently talking to Conor about possible events, which might be revealed next week.


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