The UFC Callout

Yes, you read that correctly, attention seeking, YouTube famous, Justin Bieber took to twitter randomly challenging Tom Cruise to a fight in the UFC 250. In a short poorly written tweet, decorated in grammatical errors, the 25-year-old singer took on the 56-year-old actor. Seems fair right? But if Cruise answers the cry, he would be the right choice for a winning bet, that is, if he doesn’t get in the ring and jump around as he did on Oprah’s couch.

In the unexpected twitter post, Bieber tried to egg Cruise on by stating, he’d never live it down if he didn’t agree to the fight, and that that too would indicate fear. Most people might think this is more an indication of maturity and control, some of the traits common with Martial Arts as well as Scientology, which Tom is known to practice.

Others jump on the bandwagon

Roughly an hour later Conor McGregor, who was laughed at for challenging Mayweather-and yet that fight did happen- commented on Bieber’s post saying McGregor’s Sports and Entertainment would host the contest. It’s hard to imagine this fight ever happening, but the odds for it are already out, believe it or not, the odds are in favour of Cruise. Some fans have stated real and apparent facts, Justin has set himself up for failure, if he wins, it’s because he fought someone double his age if he loses, he loses to someone twice his age, a source for more jokes. Not the smartest move Biebs, or is it? Are you just trying to generate social network chatter to market the singles you keep dropping here and there?

As odd as the challenge is, it would be something to watch, one of the biggest celeb star fights since Wes Snipes and Rogan. Things may have gone slightly south for Bieber as one sportsbook has Justin listed as a +150 underdog, in this potential fight, while the older Cruise is the betting favourite at -200.

Biebers MMA Background

This MMA challenge by Bieber, although odd is not too surprising as he has often poked his nose in UFC news. From dancing with Silva to trolling the Diaz Brothers to a bromance with Mayweather who he has been known to box with, in training, but Justin keeps popping in, strange that his music is yet to reflect the fight life. Other than the sparring with Mayweather, he has no fighting background. As many moms around the world would warn, “he is Cruising for a bruising”, pun intended.

Why Tom?

But why would he challenge Tom? Was he watching Top Gun, idolising Tom’s character when the idea popped into his head, “Hey, I should fight Tom!” it’s all so peculiar, perhaps if he had challenged Eminem, Will Ferrell or Josh Rogan, he might have had an answer by now, a funny one for sure.


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