UFC Betting Odds – Dustin vs. Khabib

On April the 13th we saw the fight to determine who the interim title holder of the lightweight title will be, featuring Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier.

The main event for UFC 236 came about as Khabib is currently suspended and Dana White didn’t allow him to keep the title throughout his suspension. Technically speaking, he is still the lightweight title holder, but now he would need to face the interim holder before getting his hands on the belt again.

Max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier

It’s no secret, the odds were against Dustin as Max has already managed to claim a title and just seemed to be the better fighter. Dustin, on the other hand, took his time to get up in the ranks, training hard and paying his dues as time allowed.

With years of training, Dustin finally found his way to a title fight. Sure, he wasn’t the first choice as Tony Ferguson was actually offered the fight against Max first. However, Tony refused the fight as he isn’t interested in the interim title but rather wanted to take on Khabib for the full title. He might also not take part in a title fight this year as he is currently dealing with personal issues.

The Max vs. Dustin fight went through to the fifth round. Both were fighting well, but from the third round, it’s almost as if Dustin had the upper hand as we saw Max looking a bit beaten. However, they both managed to stick it through, making it look like it could be anyone’s fight. In the end, it was Dustin who was won with a riveting decision.

Dustin vs. Khabib

The title fight is expected to take place as quickly as September as Khabib would then return to the octagon and step right into a fight with Dustin.

Khabib is an undefeated lightweight champion and has managed to make his way to the top incredibly fast, making him the favourite for the main event with odds of -240. Therefore, you’d need to wager $240 to win $100.

Dustin is the underdog, but a worthy contender and one well worth looking at before playing the bet on Khabib. He has taken his time to come up as a champion, but he a brilliant record. He currently has odds of +205, meaning a $100 bet would result in $205 profit if Dustin manages to take the title.

The fighting styles of these two fighters are completely different, making it a fight well worth looking forward to. It would be a tough bet to call, especially since Khabib hasn’t lost a UFC fight up to now. Then again, there’s always a fight time and here it might just be Dustin who takes the winning streak away from Khabib along with the lightweight title.


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