UFC Judges Receive Criticism Over Scoring

Fanatics behind the Ultimate Fighting Championship have begun doubting the decision-making capabilities of Judges across North America. It’s becoming known that Las Vegas judges have begun providing false scorecards for proceedings that are seen on live television. Rumours indicate that judges are being offered large payouts from international sportsbooks, with their job for receiving these finances being to alternate scoring against a specific party.

This became evident during UFC 251 in Las Vegas, which is the 1st MMA Venue in Sin City since COVID-19 broke out across the United States. Scorecards were immediately different amongst these judges, favouring a particular side. It showed that the Nevada Athletic Commission doesn’t have the skillsets required to educate their judges on MMA scoring properly.

MMA Supporters were disgusted with the scoring seen from the Brendan Allen & Kyle Daukaus Fight, with the Middleweight Fight going three rounds. It was considered the most influential & brutalized competition of UFC 251. Kyle Daukaus showed formidable skillsets during the initial two rounds, showcasing superior striking. When the 3rd rounds bell rang, nothing had changed & Brendan Allen was tackled to the ground. Multiple submissions unfolded for five minutes, with the evident winner clear than a day.

Incorrect Scoring

Considering that Kyle Daukaus dominated all three rounds, MMA Fighters were shocked to learn scorecards paired both mean with nearly identical accounts. Two judges scored in favour of Kyle Daukaus at 29-28 and 29-27. It should’ve been more along the lines of 29-15. The 3rd judge awarded victory to Brendan Allen at 30-27, meaning this Nevada State Judge believed that Allen showed more formidable skillsets. Considering that Brendan was continuously getting rocked in the face by Kyle Daukaus, or on the ground squirming for his life, the final score was met with significant criticism.

Fans have been left dumbfounded with what happened, requesting that the Nevada State Fighting Commission retrain or rehire judges for future UFC Venues. It’s the only way to guarantee that falsified scoring doesn’t happen again, which occurs whenever judges are seen ignoring the match & focusing on their phone. This is a standard trope associated with Nevada Judges from 2018 to 2020.


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