UFC Lightweight News

Over the last few months, loads have changed in UFC. We have a new lightweight titleholder and even see some notable names return to the octagon. Surprisingly, it’s all good news this time, and we see some significant fights line up towards the second half of 2019. Most of the action takes place in the lightweight division where champion fights such as Dustin Poirier, McGregor and even Khabib are making waves. We also share some excellent news from Tony Ferguson who is making his way back to UFC and seeking only title fights.

McGregor’s retirement

Conor McGregor has once again posted his resignation, which took place near the start from April 2019. While he posted the news on social media, the fighter didn’t mention anything about it to the UFC. Dana White says McGregor hasn’t shared any retirement plans with him and has been talking to the UFC boss about new possible events.

McGregor was suspended in 2018 after playing a role in an attack after the UFC 229 event. Now, he has been cleared and can return to the sport. He was offered a co-main fight for an upcoming event but wanted shares in the UFC before he would accept. When he didn’t get what he wanted, we saw the retirement post. It’s highly unlikely for the champion to retire now, especially since he wants another shot at the title. He alongside many other fighters are lining up, which could result in many new fights coming up to see who gets a shot at the UFC lightweight title.

Tony Ferguson is Back

Tony is one of the fighters seeking out an opportunity to fight for the title and has been for many years. He returned to UFC only recently after dealing with some personal problems. However, now cleared and fit to fight again, Tony already posted on social media that he is ready to take on the champions and claim the title. We might see Tony and McGregor in the octagon who would be fighting to see who gets the shot at the title fight. There are already some mentioned of the match, and we might see them step into the octagon later this year.

Dustin vs Khabib

Earlier this year, we saw Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier in a match to fight for the interim lightweight title as Khabib has been suspended for his part in the post-fight brawl at UFC 229.

The UFC didn’t allow Khabib to hold onto the title for his 12 months sit out and therefore made a fight possible for the interim title. Dustin claimed the victory and is now lined up to fight Khabib later this year. The winner of this fight would be the new titleholder who has a line up of fighters ready to test him. It’s not just McGregor, but Tony and other lightweight fighters as well. The losing opponent with the Khabib vs Dustin event would also have a desire to try again.


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