How to Get Children Interested in Thai Boxing

When it comes to martial arts, it is better to start learning the skills when you are still young. Children are likely to grasp the sport faster, because they do not have as many obligations as adults do, and they are also more flexible.

If you have children, and you want them to start Thai boxing, you will need to convince them why they should do it, and walk with them, through the journey of becoming experts in the field. Some of the ways to make children interested in Thai boxing include the following.

Talk to Them About the Benefits

There have undoubtedly been many examples of children being bullied or attacked, both at home and in school. Explain to the child, that learning a self-defence skill will help them protect themselves, and friends, from attackers. Once they know that they will become stronger by practising boxing, they will be more enthusiastic to take it up.

Show Them Books and Movies of Children Doing Thai Boxing

Children relate to things they read and watch. If you want them to be interested, buy books or movies, that have a young star who is passionate about Thai boxing. Let the children see themselves as the star actor or book character, and they will be begging for boxing lessons.

Go with Them for Practice

Set an example by registering yourself in a Thai boxing class, and your child will feel like you are supportive of them. Go shopping together and buy coordinating uniforms. You can also start a tradition, such as going for ice cream, or a treat, after practice.

Keep It Fun

Allow the children to create fun around the sport, and do not keep pushing them, because they will start feeling like it is a punishment. If they fall down, for instance, tickle them, and make them stand and continue. Do not mock, or shout at them, when they are not getting things right.