Levels of MMA Training

Mixed martial arts is one of the most complicated forms of fighting that arms the fighter with a particular set of skills to defeat his opponent. This is carried out with with a series of moves that most won’t even see coming. Looking at sports such as UFC is a great way to understand just how amazing MMA fighters train to become the best. While UFC and MMA fights do not only focus on a particular form of fighting, they rather include a vast selection of styles that are usually teamed up with other martial arts to see who comes out on top.

To become a professional MMA fighter or even to get through the training, you’ll need to commit, not only physically, but mentally as well. It’s an incredibly demanding form of fighting and takes years to perfect on levels we see in MMA and UFC today.

However, don’t let that take away from your motivation to become the ultimate fighting champion as many have gone through the levels and make it all the way to the top. To provide some insight, we’ll have a look at the levels in three stages, giving you a fair idea of what you’ll be going through. Each level comes with multiple sections within, which you can research to get an even better idea.

Mental Condition and Physical Strength

The first level is by far the most important and usually defines what type of fighter you will be. It is the level where you get passionate about MMA and how it all works while also being the level where teachers layout some difficult tasks you get you mentally prepared for the fights and advanced level of training. Make no mistake, the first level is not easy at all, which is why completing it allows you to take pride in your training and what you’ve achieved.

Working on Technical Skills

Now that you have the basics and are able to fight on a particular level, it’s time to move your skills into a section where most fighters can’t keep up. Not only do you learn about specific grabs, but also the training required to get to the high kicks, fast punches and how to react to what your opponent is doing. The fight becomes a lot more technical at this point and physical strength plays an even bigger role as you’ll be pushed to the limits and kept there during training.

Developing Technical Approach

As mentioned, MMA doesn’t consist of just one fighting style, but rather multiple forms of fighting, which is only part of the reason it’s such a difficult sport to get into. However, the third level of your training teaches you how to analyse your opponent and figure out what the best form of attack and defence would be. This is the level where you learn to create your own game plan while also know when to attack and how.

In this level, you also become a much better fighter as you begin to trust your instincts and allow yourself to assess everything about yourself and the opponent instantly.