What to Expect from McGregor in 2019

Former lightweight titleholder Conor McGregor has become the centre of attention over the last few years. One fight that made him extremely famous was the money fight against Mayweather, but even before that, he was a huge deal in the UFC world.

In 2018, he found himself losing to Khabib, which ended with a submission in the fourth round. After the fight, Khabib took the liberty of jumping into the crowd and attacking one of the fighters who trained with McGregor. Naturally, McGregor also joined in to help defend his team, resulting in both McGregor and Khabib being suspended instantly.

In January 2019, both appeared before the Nevada Athletic Commission where Conor receive a fine and a 6-month suspension, putting a stop to his opportunity to recover the title as soon as possible in 2019.

The Nevada Commission warned him that he is on thin ice as he has been involved with various criminal events over the last few months. Including an attack on a bus after a media event. It now seems as if the fighter didn’t take it seriously as he was once again arrested on the 11th of March 2019.

The effects of his fighting career in Nevada is still unclear as he was arrested in Miami this time when a fan tried to take a photo with his phone. McGregor didn’t like it, which resulted in him slapping the phone out of the fan’s hand and stepping on the device and damaging it. Not long after, the Miami Beach Police arrested McGregor who was later released on a $12,500 bond.

This all happened just a few weeks before his suspension is set to finish. McGregor is allowed to enter the octagon once again on the 6th of April 2019. However, it’s unclear as to what UFC will recognise after the recent event, which could even have McGregor serve a longer suspension. Potentially taking him out for the year altogether.

However, let’s look at a few possible fights that could come McGregor’s way if he manages to get back into the octagon.

Who He Could Fight

One of the first events we expect to see McGregor in is a fan match up with Donald Cerrone. It seels as if the fight is lined up already as Cerrone challenge McGregor after winning with a TKO over Hermandez. McGregor found himself being impressed by the results and agreed to the match on Twitter. Dana White is also in favour of the event, which gives it a good chance if happening later this year.

Tony Ferguson is yet another great possibility who might take a fight against McGregor until Khabib (current title holder) returns to the octagon at the end of the year. Sure, we all know Tony should be going for the title, but it would undoubtedly be another money fight for these two to take each other on to see who deserves a fight with Khabib.