Training to be Ripped Built Like a Martial Artist

Working out every single muscle in the body, going all out with each punch and using all the possible force to take down an opponent is only some of the reason a martial artist’s body remains in such good shape.

Having rock hard abs, incredibly defined muscles and the power to match is sure to be a lot of work that involves more than just martial arts training. In fact, those who progress through the levels and become well-known for their abilities are the ones who take training seriously and apply other forms of exercising to further improve their abilities, strength and remain healthy, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

If you’re training to become an expert in the field of martial arts or simply want to get in better shape with the goal for the same physical appearance as a martial artist, follow these exercises:

Dive Bomber Push-ups

Dive bomber push-ups are certainly much harder than standard push-ups and requires more physical control to do right. However, mastering the art of this push-up is sure to yield results as more muscles form part of each push-up.

Start with a standard push-up stance and raise your glutes as you drop your shoulders and bring your chin as close to the ground as possible, but without touching the floor. Arch your back as you push your chest past your hands. Arch your back as far as possible and straighten your arms before doing it in reverse to return back to the starting position.

Hanging Left Raises

For a complete all and upper body workout, use a bar where you can hang from by gripping it with your hands and enough room to lift your legs out in front of you. This is a challenging work out for beginners, but the results are simply incredible for those who push through.

Grip the poll with both hands in a natural position and begin to lift your legs as high as possible. Try not to perform the exercise too quickly as better results can be expected if you raise and lower your legs in a smooth fashion. The goal is to reach a perfect 90-degree bend while keeping your core tight and focusing on your breathing as you lift and lower your legs.

Alligator Crawl

The alligator crawl is one of the most challenging and rewarding at the same time. It’s sure to frustrate you the first couple of times as balance plays a major role in the success of this workout.

Begin with a low push-up with your arms bent at a 90-degree angle and legs straight. Tried to a hold the position as you move one of your hands forward along with the opposite leg (almost like an alligator would crawl). However, instead of crawling forward, return the hand and left to the starting position and switch sides.