Kung Fu Training for Beginners

The worst possible way you can try to learn a technical fighting style such as Kung Fu is by using a textbook. By that, we don’t mean these are useless, but they should really be used in combination with training if anything else. The books might point out a few things that you didn’t quite get in class, which could help you perfect everything from your structure through to doing some of the more advanced combinations.

The books are also great for learners who want to get ahead a little. This is where books are really great as you can read about things and find out exactly how to do them in class.

As a beginner, there are sure to be various aspects of Kung Fu that would be difficult, especially if you’re joining the classes for the first time. Even adults have a hard time learning some of the techniques, but as with most things, it’s the practice that will make you a perfect Kung Fu fighter at the end.

Below, we go through some of the techniques that are sure to help you in the beginning. These aren’t specific combinations or advanced strategies, but rather the basics to help you progress faster and understand what the Kung Fu master is teaching you instead of being focused on your footwork or how you’re standing.

Standing Strong

It doesn’t matter what physical sport you look at, the first thing they teach you is position. In Kung Fu, that’s all about standing right and having perfect balance throughout the combinations you’re about to learn.

When we think of something like a building or just about any other structure, it’s all about how well it’s put together and how balanced it is that allows it to be strong and not crumble to the ground way too soon.

The same goes for fighters, and you need to have power in the way you stand and be ready for anything. It actually takes a lot of time and seeing how it’s done on videos could really make a difference when you attend the first few lessons.

Staying Relaxed

The next thing to practice is just being relaxed. We’ve all seen those Kung Fu movies, and it looks like the fighters are so tense as they perform all the moves, but it actually all begins with being completely relaxed and allowing your body and mind in interaction with each other.

Once you perfect the standing position, the next thing on the list of just being able to stand in the right position without being tense. The instructor will begin to teach you the basic blocking moves from this position and once again ensure you remain completely relaxed as you perfect the movement.

There’s a lot more to Kung Fu than just standing and relaxing, but just about everything you’ll learn in your first lesson will revolve around this. So, make sure you’ve got an idea of what it’s all about and practice.