Most Likely Opponents for McGregor in 2019

Conor McGregor will always be regarded as one of the most impressive fighters in UFC. He had some fantastic achievements throughout his career. Earning himself the title for lightweight and reaching many other goals that have become the new standard for great fighters.

In 2019, we see the fighter taking it a little easier, perhaps not because he wants to, but he does have a new young family to consider. There’s no denying that his whiskey has become a sensation for many around the world.

One of the reasons he has been taking it more comfortable has to do with the 6-month suspension that was handed down by the Nevada Athletic Commission. This was following a post-fight break out after the UFC 229 event that took place in October of 2019. The incident didn’t involve Conor much but rather his opponent Khabib. His opponent jumped into the crowd after winning by submission in the fourth round. The winner wanted to attack McGregor’s training partner, resulting in McGregor trying to defend and assist.

Now, McGregor is set to re-enter the octagon within just a few weeks as the suspension ends on the 6th of April 2019. So, who might we see step into the octagon with McGregor for the months to come in 2019?

Donald Cerrone

While there are many fighters we’d like to see compete with Conor in 2019, there are a few hints that suggest serious line ups, including one with Donald Cerrone.

Cerrone has been interested in taking on the Irish champion for a very long time. Now that Conor has been out of the game for a while due to a suspension. It might have been the perfect time to announce the interest.

Even Dana White (UFC boss) has agreed to the matchup, which in all possible ways usually leads to a successful match up. It also seems as if the fight is confirmed already as Cerrone left a hinting Tweet on his social account. Suggesting that these two step into the octagon at UFC 239, taking place on July 6th, 2019.

Dustin Poirier

Dustin and Conor have met in the past, but it has been over five years. Many things have changed in the meantime. However, there’s no looking past the fight they had in the past. McGregor delivered the promise he made to stop Poirier within the first round.

In many ways, it was a good fight for Dustin as it has a lot to do with the progress he made since Putting these two back in the octagon would undoubtedly be interesting and very possible, perhaps not for 2019, but shortly.

Tony Ferguson

Now here’s a fight we might see McGregor think about accepting, not because he can’t deliver. Just because Tony has been the fighter to beat. However, the matchup is a little unlikely to be approved by Ferguson. It seems he wants nothing but a title match with Khabib, which might take place at the end of the year.