UFC News

There have been loads of movements in UFC as we see the fight to claim the UFC lightweight interim title and even get some exciting news about Conor Mcgregor. Of the most important news, the fight between Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier has to be at the top of the list as this means loads of different things for possible matches to come shortly.

Max Holloway vs Dustin Poirier

On Saturday last week, the match for the interim fight was the highlight. As expected, most were behind Max Holloway to win the fight as he has more experience and hasn’t lost a fight in quite some time.

According to the papers, it seemed as if Dustin had an advantage with a reach that’s 3” longer than that of Max, but then again, Max is much shorter than Dustin. The event started with both fighters looking about equal, both scoring some great hits, but neither standing out or seeming to have the edge. Both of these energetic fighters got their chance to take advantage of the fight, cornering the other and packing on the punches. However, there was no clear indication of who fights the bag.

The first four rounds were all about the same as the first, offering an exciting event with excellent skills. By the time the fourth round came to an end, we could see Max had taken quite the beating from Dustin’s combinations. Blood all over his face, swollen and moving a lot slower was certainly looking like a disadvantage for the fighter. However, it certainly didn’t slow him down.

At the end of the 5-round event, Dustin was announced as the winner and the new interim title holder. This means he would be taking on Khabib towards the end of the year, which would be the fight that determines who gets to keep the title.

McGregor Not Quite Retired

Other major MMA news revolves around Conor McGregor once again who has announced his retirement for the second time. The first time was in 2016, but that didn’t last long as Conor went on to take part in many major fights, including a title event against Khabib and a money fight against Mayweather, both of which he lost.

Now in 2019, the lightweight fighter once again announced that is retiring, which was posted on social media three weeks ago. However, in an interview with UFC boss Dana White, there’s a reason to question the retirement.

The interview with Dana White revealed that McGregor had not mentioned anything about retirement to Dana White at all. McGregor still talks to Dana White daily, finding out about possible fights and how he can return to the octagon.

Dana White also confirmed that Conor McGregor would be fighting again, meaning the retirement post is once again nothing but a way for McGregor to try and take control of when he fights and against whom.