McGregor set to Retire?

In recent news, lightweight champion Conor McGregor announced that he would be retiring from the sport, which used to be known as Mixed Martial Arts. Less than a week ago, McGregor reached out to fans on Twitter to announce that he decided to retire and officially join those fighters who are enjoying the pleasures of retirement already.

It came after the UFc wanted McGregor to take part in an event as the co-main attraction, to which “The Notorious” declined and wanted to get shares in the UFC to do the event. It seems as if the UFC respectfully declined the offer, which could be part of the reason McGregor decided to throw in the towel.

McGregor is currently suspended from UFC as he got involved with a brawl after the main event at UFC 229 back in October of 2018. Even though he didn’t start it, he got involved as Khabib (Conor’s opponent) attacked one of the trainers Conor was working with. McGregor received a 6-month suspension for his part in the post-fight action, which comes to an end within just a few weeks from now.

The UFC had already lined up some fights for McGregor, but it doesn’t seem as if those would be taking place. Even after a meeting with UFC boss, Dana White, we are now forced to believe that he is retiring as he too thinks McGregor is dangerous. Not only has the fighter made a lot of money from fighting, but his Whiskey business is also becoming a huge success.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard that Conor would like to focus more on his Whiskey, which the suspension has allowed him to do. Could it be that he realised that he doesn’t need to fight anymore during retirement?

Still Training

While the above seems likely and all the evidence is there of McGregor being done with the sport, there have been reports and videos where he is still training hard. Earlier this week a video was uploaded of the champion training in the rink at a personal Miami gym, which is known as the Fight Club Gym.

From the video, it’s clear that Conor isn’t just training to stay fit, but rather to stay in fighting shape, which tells us something is happening here and that the retirement post might be a cover-up for a grand re-entry within. Don’t know when it could happen if even if it would happen at all, but things don’t seem right at the moment.

Besides, how could he leave the sport without getting his rematch with Khabib or Diaz? Of course, both those fighters had something to say about the retirement post, edging McGregor on while many others have mixed emotions about the post.

All we can do now is sit back and wait to see if this is just another 2016 repeat where McGregor says he will retire, but goes on to compete is enormous fights instead.