Foods to Avoid for Karate

We’ve all heard about the amazing karate masters who live much longer than expected and even at an older age, they still manage to deliver incredible speed and power with their training. While many believe it’s because of their strict training schedules, studies have shown that these masters actually follow a strict diet as well.

While living longer and having the energy at old age is a great advantage, having the right diet also ensures you get the best out of your body while training and even fighting. Unlike a diet to lose weight, a karate diet doesn’t just last for a few weeks or months, but rather becomes a way of life, ensuring you’re always ready for action and your body performs at its very best.

Instead of giving you a huge diet to follow, we’ll rather be looking at the foods you need to avoid completely. Cutting these out of your diet won’t just give you more energy, it also ensures you stay in shape and live the best possible life you can.


Carbs is the main thing to avoid with just about any diet as it makes you tired, packs on the weight and is back for you in just about all ways. However, there are some carbs that you’ll need to build a healthy lifestyle, including potatoes. Even these good carbs should be limited to once a week at the most.

The carbs you’ll want to avoid completely include modified foods such as pastas. These aren’t balanced and tend to include other substances that makes your body take even longer to digest.

Fast Food

Yes, fast foods are second on the list as these are once again modified foods prepared in the worst possible way. Heading to have a quick burger and fries or pizza sounds great on most days, but these are the foods you need to avoid the most. They contain huge amounts of carbs and a mix of other foods that almost instantly turn into fat.

There are some fast foods you can consider, including Chinese, but once again, it’s important to be careful of what you eat and how often you eat it.


Sugar is a terrible cancer-causing drug that’s become acceptable for our day to day lives. However, if you want to stay fit and get the most out of your training, life and even energy levels, avoid foods and drinks that contain large amounts of sugar. First on the list would soft drinks as these have huge sugar contents and do real damage when you consume it on a regular basis.

There are many different foods with high sugar contents, including most deserts, but there are just as many options to replace it, including fruits. Not only are fruits better, but they also include other important vitamins that provide an even bigger boost for your energy levels.