McGregor Reversing Retirement Again?

It’s barely been two weeks since lightweight champion Conor McGregor has announced his retirement via Twitter, but now we have reason to believe that it’s just another way for the fighter to stay in the spotlight.

It all began in 2016 when McGregor first announced that he would be retiring young from MMA. However, after just a few days in retirement, he came back and took part in future fights. As we all know, there are have been some significant events since then, including the major money fight with him and Mayweather where McGregor lost.

The other big event was in 2018 at UFC 229 where Conor and Khabib finally had the opportunity to take each other on in the octagon. It was undoubtedly a brilliant event, but once again McGregor found himself at the losing end in the 4th round as Khabib got him to tap out in submission. Just after the fight, Khabib took to the crowd to attack one of McGregor’s training partners who had made comments before the event.

Conor also joined in on the chaos as this happened and both men were instantly suspended for their role in the matter. In January 2019, both attended a hearing where McGregor received a 6-month suspension and Khabib a 9-month suspension, which he extended to 12 months as he wanted to sit out for as long as his teammates have been suspended.

Since all this, McGregor has not taken part in a fight again but has been one of the highlights for UFC news as he took on various other things, including attacking a fan and breaking his phone for trying to take a picture.


Not long after being arrested for breaking the phone, McGregor announced his retirement, but at the same time, there were news posts that McGregor was offered a co-main event position in July, which was declined as he would only agree if he received chares in the UFC.

McGregor had attempted to receive shares multiple times before but hasn’t convinced the UFC to make it possible. Many are suspecting that the current retirement treat was because his proposal was declined.

The Reversal

While McGregor has not said anything about reversing the retirement at this time, many have been wondering just how official this Tweet is. Now, only two weeks after the announcement, Conor shows loads of different signs that suggest he is far from finished as a fighter in UFC.

Firstly, the Tweet was posted just a few hours after announcing talks about a fight coming up in Jule, which would take a few weeks after he is released from the suspension. He also continued to stir the pot with other fighters, including Khabib and Malignaggi edging them on to take him on in a fight, including a bare-knuckle brawl.

We suspect to see McGregor come out of retirement within a few days or maybe weeks, but with the way things are going, it seems as if this retirement isn’t going to happen either.