Betting Types for Boxing

Boxing remains a premium choice for sports bettors, thanks to multiple options, a large variety of matches and the opportunity to score big on the underdogs! However, many tend to avoid betting on the sport as there are not sure about how the betting types for boxing works.

There are multiple choices, each offering a unique reward while also allowing everyone to take part. Whether you are a professional better with crucial information on the next match or a beginner getting into betting for the first time, options include both high risk and reward. Those that don’t need as much detail and still provide an excellent winning opportunity.

It is best to understand how the betting options work and how they reward. Therefore, we will go through the most popular betting options in boxing and give a quick description of just what you’ll be wagering on with each wager.


This is the most popular form of betting for boxing and the easiest as you merely need to choose the winner of the match. It is essential to understand that the favourite (most likely to win) has a minus before the odds (-500) while the underdog (most likely to lose) would have a plus (+1000).

The odds tell you what the reward is for a bet, starting with the favourite (-500) that would require a bet of $500 to win $100. The underdog is the opposite as you need to wager $100 to win $1,000 (+1000).

Rounds (Over/Under)

If you have some information about the match and you think it will be finished within a certain number of rounds. That you might have a hunch, it will go on for more than a particular number of rounds. The best would be to use the over-under wager option. Here, you’re wagering on how long the fight will continue. Most bookies will provide five rounds or less, 6 to 7 rounds or 8 or more rounds. These could change depending on the fight.


Draws aren’t very common in boxing as it is all up to three judges who need to score both fighters or call a draw. However, this indicates that no one gets knocked out and the fight goes through all the rounds. Since this is so rare, the odds are commonly +1000.


Parlay bets would be considered a professional option for someone who knows boxing very well. It includes a wager on multiple fights and requires each of your chances to be successful to win. The acceptable values are much higher since the reward from the first bet is used in addition to the initial wager to bet on the second match, meaning a much higher chance. This series continues for as many games you’ve selected, quickly adding up to a large amount as it keeps multiply.