Joining MMA for Lighter Fighters Might Just Be Possible in 2019

MMA combines so many variations of combat sorts, which is just one of the few aspects that makes it the most popular fighting sport in the world. Well, the great news is, in 2019 we can expect even more action-packed fighting opportunities as new fighters make their way to the new weight divisions.

With 2 additional weight divisions for the lightweight and welterweight sections, more fighters can join MMA while also giving current fighters the opportunity to join a new category without having to cut own on the weight drastically. Of course, those above the weight levels would need to consider a middle weight classes, which might be more competitive, but it’s a hell of a lot healthier than trying to cut 30 pounds before a fight.

The new 165 lbs super lightweight and 175 lbs welterweight categories form part of the classes in 2019, which is sure to introduce new competition as current fighters divide between the lines and new fighters join MMA for their change to take on the braves and see how they compare.

The new weight for welter eliminated the current weight, meaning the super lightweight would be an addition to light weight, but the current welterweight wouldn’t feature next year.
With an aim to reduce the amount of weight fighters lose before a fight, the new categories are stricter than before to ensure those taking part have the opportunity to challenge others in the same weight class. The new rules also elimination the unhealthy weight loss, which has become a main issue as middle weight fighters drop down to join the lighter classes.

Fighters Must be 18 to 40 Years Old

While joining professional MMA requires a minimum age of 18, there are many ways to prepare yourself for the sport. Many recommend only starting with training at an age of 15 or even 16, but to become the best, you’ll find MMA quickly becomes a lifestyle, starting a much younger age.

There are great benefits of starting young, offering fighters discipline, healthiness and focus with all they do. However, for those who want to become professionals, the most important would be the training and experience.

MMA consist of multiple combat sports, allowing you to choose from various fighting and grabbing styles. In fact, many master multiple forms of combat fighting, allowing them to have more options in the rink and to surprise their opponent.

Thus, you’ll find there are some professionals who only join MMA at an older age as they rather take the time to perfect each fighting style they’ve taken on. These tend to be the fighters who make a read difference and move up in rankings a lot faster.

For those who would like to continue fighting after the age of 40, it is possible, but the requirements become rather lengthy. However, the MMA website provides all the details you need to ensure you get to step into the rink after 40.