MMA Predictions for 2019

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from MMA in 2018 and most years prior, it’s that MMA is never dull and always has some interesting events lined up that might not always go according to plan. One example of that was in Oct 2018 with UFC 229.

In 2019, there’s already been a lot going on, and we see some major fights lined up with the biggest names in MMA. Sure, it might be a little early to work on predictions for the year, but there are some interesting details that might just give bettors a reason to jump on the odds early.

Below, we look at some interesting fighting possibilities for the year ahead and what it could mean for the fighters involved. These are simply predictions, meaning you should use them as guidelines and keep an eye on the fights that take place.

Max Holloway Takes Lightweight Title?

There has been a lot of news around the lightweight title, and we’ll cover even more predictions further down this list.

Though Holloway isn’t the first option to challenge Khabib in 2019, his shift to the lightweight class is sure to hold a title in his future. There has not been a fight with Holloway lined up, and won’t happen until he is in the actual class. However, with his promising career to date, there is substantial promise!

At the same time, with Khabib possibly only fighting once in 2019 due to his suspension and sitting out with teammates, this fight might not take place this year. However, if Dana White decides to create interim title opportunities, it would be great to see Holloway forming part of the line-up.

Ferguson is Another Favourite for the Lightweight Title

Those who follow UFC closely will know Ferguson has been itching for a fight with Khabib for the lightweight title since 2015. The fight has been lined up and set multiple times, but it just never seems to happen. If Khabib’s title is up for grabs as an interim title, we see Ferguson as the mostly likely opponent and the one who would host likely hold it. Of course, this means we’ll see Ferguson vs. Khabib at the end of the year as these two would enter the octagon to see who holds the title from there on. If Holloway manages to get in the class quick enough, we might even free a Ferguson vs. Holloway for the interim title, which would have either of them against Khabib. Of course, both of these fights would be well worth watching.

Khabib’s First Professional Loss

We know, Khabib is showing up a lot here, but as the title holder, it’s only natural. Another name that’s bound to appear regularly with the fights will be Ferguson as many predict he will be the first to take Khabib down.

It’s bound to be a brilliant fight, but Ferguson just seems to have a little more than Khabib in the octagon. He has been hungry for the title so long that we’re bound to see a new level of training and focus before the title fight.