Khabib out for 2019 and McGregor Fined

The world of mixed martial arts once again appears at the top of most sport news sites as the ruling for both Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov is finally decided by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Earlier this week, both the fighters were given their faith in UFC, following the insane post fight events take took place after UFC 229 in Oct 2018. It was crazy from the very moment Khabib managed to get McGregor to tap out, which all started with Khabib attacking one of McGregor’s training partners. From there, things just went wild, and everyone got involved with the fight in some way.

Both the fighters were suspended right away, and now the NAC has finally ruled and stated that Khabib will be suspended for nine months and fined $500,000 for his part. The commission also ruled against his teammates for their parts in the action, suspending each of them for a year and fined $25,000.

McGregor also played a role in the post-fight action, which is why he has been fined a much lower $50,000 and suspended for only six months. However, the board also included that they aren’t happy with McGregor’s actions in the last few months, which included the attack of a bus in New York. They stated that McGregor will be on this ice in Las Vegas and we’re sure they’ll been keeping a close eye on just about everything he does.

What To Expect from Khabib in 2019

Well, not much will be happening with Khabib in the year to come as he is furious about the ruling against his teammates who are suspended for 12 months. Not long after the ruling, Khabib made it known through his manager that he will not take part in a fight until his teammates can step into the octagon as well. This means we won’t see Khabib take part in any fights until November of 2019.

With this, Khabib might just be throwing it back in the UFC’s face as he knows they depend on his fame to get the ratings up. At the same time, he also refused to take part in advertising socially and to appeal the judgement against him. Many say, he could have had his 9-month suspension lowered to just six months if he was winning to create an anti-bullying post.

What We Expect for McGregor

Conor McGregor received a much smaller slap on the wrist with just $50,000 in fines and only six months suspension, which would be completed within just two months from now. It fair to estimate that Conor would be seen in the octagon soon after the suspension is lifted as the UFC is promotion and hoping to line up fights for him soon.

We’re unsure of how this would affect his plans to slow down a little and spend more time with the family with his new child on the way. He has also been more involved with the launch of his whiskey, but time will tell.