The Best Way to Fight Depression is to Get into the Ring

If the question is if Muay is great for the mind and the body, then the answer is Yes, and it is only the start of giving thought to the link between physical and mental fitness. Any kind of physical fitness and in particular Muay Thai can do more for keeping your mind sharp than most individuals think. There is an array of benefits in mental health unlocked by Muay Thai in addition to the advantages it offers in physical fitness.

Clear the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

The stigma that is attached to depression and mental health remains the main hurdle to be cleared, especially when it is also amongst the strongest and biggest. For their discipline, athletes are often a source of inspiration, and for individuals, if your hero is struggling with depression and finds a way to conquer their fears, it only motivates you to do the same.

Never Avoid Conversations About Mental Health

It has been the one subject that has been taboo for conversation, and it is unfortunate as it could be a way to deal with it. But talking about it has been seen as a weakness, and now it is finally the time where everyone is more outspoken about depressions, including amongst athletes. Both Kevin Live and DaMar DeRozen two top NBA players recently talked about the struggles they had with extreme anxiety and depression, so has The Rock, Dwayne Johnson of the Hollywood and WWE fam, who has dealt with severe depression for quite some time. Jay Matias also opened up to talk about his depression struggles on TMTG episode 095 although he regrettably took his own life in 2017.

More and More People Opens Up About Depression Struggles

These athletes are only a few of the people now willing to discuss their mental health struggles, and it shows that the issue can be dealt with once it is discussed. The only way to deal with mental health problems is to improve your physical health, and by getting into the ring, or going to the gym are the most beneficial to increase your recovery.

If you’re feeling depressed or discouraged, try one of these, and you’ll be amazed at the results, according to experts, if you feel overwhelmed the quickest relieve is offered by running a mile or two. Hundreds of studies have proven that the endorphin boost offered by moderate exercise is more than enough to boost your mental health. The hormone boost is the key to maximising pleasure and reducing pain and endorphins unleashed during exercise is a definite gateway to health.

Get Out, Get Exercise, Get Well

Exercise also reduces stress, it magically improves feelings of restfulness, it is pure magic when you urge for more energy, and it massively increases activity in the brain. If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, get your fitness and exercise plan in order, change things up do a bit of yoga, run a different trail, go hiking or even biking, join a fitness class and get up early, nothing is as refreshing as exercising in the early hours of the morning.


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