Another Nail in Dana’s Coffin

June 12th marked another date where a shooting unfolded in the United States. It happened again in the state of Texas, with San Antonio residents enjoying a summer night were fired upon by a man claiming to fight for the UFC. When being denied entrance into the bar for not having a face mask, this man went to his vehicle and returned with a rifle. Shots were immediately fired at 11:30pm in the North Central Neighborhood. It was noted by law enforcement that this unnamed individual was intoxicated. The fact that officers didn’t release his name indicates that this individual is a UFC Fighter.

Chief William McManus from the San Antonio Police Department announced the shooting. He confirmed that this individual was accompanied by four friends. Witnesses remarked to news outlets that this man mentioned he’s a Californian UFC Fighter & shouldn’t be ignored. After bouncers refused entry for lack of personal protection and evident intoxication, hostile behaviour immediately ensued. Staff removed him from the premise. That’s when this unnamed assailant fired upon those waiting entry. Eight individuals were wounded, including five woman and three men. Several Texans survived their injuries & the other died minutes after being wounded, which followed after being shot in the back of their head.

Law enforcement didn’t arrive until this individual & his four friends had left the premise. Officers are searching for suspected assailants, with law enforcement requesting anyone with inside information contact them immediately. The identity of this man is unknown after leaving the scene, with more information expected to come from investigative research. It should be mentioned that violent altercations at Texas Bars have increased by 22.8% since reopening on May 22nd. It’s attributed to the lockdown period & Black Lives Matter movement.

The Ego of Dana White

Reporters were quick to question Dana White on his thoughts regarding this shooting. The UFC President didn’t issue any sympathies towards those that were harmed. He merely remarked that bald guys walk around Las Vegas all the time, claiming to be Dana White. This man turned the story towards him, saying some of his stories would blow peoples minds away. He’d then switch subjects.


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