UFC Clears Khabib for Mourning Period

The Ultimate Fighting Championships President, Dana White, announced that they’d provide Khabib Nurmagomedov with a considerable period for mourning his father’s loss to COVID-19. This confirmation comes after Khabib was anticipated to compete against Justin Gaethje at UFC 253 on September 19th, which is two months away & could be challenging for Nurmagomedov to maintain after losing his primary coach/father to a growing international virus.

Supporters for Khabib Nurmagomedov expressed their disappointment but understanding towards the decision of Dana White. They’ll eagerly wait for Khabib to battle Justin Gaethje for the UFC Lightweight Championship, with sportsbooks listing both fighters at similar odds. Justin Gaethje will take pleasure in the announcement that Khabib has been granted a prolonged mourning period, ensuring additional time for his training camp to master new skill sets.

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov died earlier in July after privately fighting against the coronavirus for two weeks. When questioned by ESPN Reporters on what Dana White would enforce with Khabib, the UFC President remarked that they’re not rushing for his return & will provide their greatest champion the time required to grieve. Dana also publicly promised Khabib that his title wouldn’t be handed over to Justin Gaethje & when he’s mentally/physically prepared for competition, they’ll set up a championship fight.

The UFC President continued by mentioning that Khabib will call him when ready to compete & that reporter must show their sympathies towards the Nurmagomedov family. Dana was disgusted by analysts & reporters demanding that the UFC Lightweight Champion compete in September after the death of his father. The mental state of Khabib would’ve given Justin Gaethje impassable leverages that’d inevitably obtain victory. It’d not be a fair championship fight & Dana White recognizes this reality.

UFC 253

Media personnel moved their questions towards the location for UFC 253, where President Dana White clarified that it’d most likely be Fight Island. Dana White can’t guarantee that travel restrictions for foreign competitors will be permitted in America by September. Under this condition, the UFC President can send international athletes to Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. The popularity behind this location has quickly grown & become adopted into the regular MMA Season for the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship.


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