UFC Legend Assists Group to Save a Mans Life

Reports from New Mexico became a national story after learning that Jon Jones, the highest-ranked competitor in UFC History, saved the life of an intoxicated male. Multiple members in of the Albuquerque community assisted in providing this man with the required medical aid needed to survive heatstroke while intoxicated. Jon Jones happened to be nearby, helping a concerned civilian.

Jon Jones was the 1st on scene, locating a man lying on the ground in Albuquerque during local American Independence Day Celebrations. July 4th saw this unknown man become severely intoxicated & enter a state of dehydration, which created symptoms seen with heatstroke. After investigating the condition of this man for a short period, the UFC Champion requested the aid of civilian groups passing by. Jon Jones used his formidable strength to lift this overweight man into the shade, where four bottles of water were forced onto this barely conscious citizen. After obtaining moments of consciousness before medical personnel arrived, Jones fed this man a hotdog.

Jon Jones revealed details of his incredible experience through Twitter, the social media platform typically used by the retired UFC Champion. Photographic evidence of the event was provided to Jones & posted alongside his tweets, where UFCs GOAT is noting heroic efforts seen by all who participated. Sentiments from Jones iterated that America could stand together during this critical period of history. An interview was conducted with Jon Jones via Zoom after these events, where the retired athlete clarified his emotions during this event.

The Interview

Reporters requested Jon Jones detail what his emotions were during this unexpected event. He remarked that saving the life of someone felt terrific, which is unconventional compared to what Jones typically does for a career. Comments from Jones then switched towards other members in this heroic group, who were terrific & drastically assisted with the survival of an intoxicated America. Jon Jones than requested that his particular efforts not be considered noble, that those that helped her are more deserving of praise. That’s because they could’ve kept on walking & avoided an African American Male during a historically racist period in America.


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